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Campus ministry resilient in spite of pandemic

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The Well is a non-denominational Christian campus organization and ministry in Johnson City, Tennessee, that is devoted to reaching students and providing them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry began in 1997, when a small group of college students began gathering for a group Bible study. It has grown from its humble beginnings to a community that hosts large worship gatherings each week as well as weekly Bible study sessions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for large groups and organizations to gather. By following the guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks as recommended by the Center for Disease Control, The Well still meets each Wednesday.

For the religious community, many have found the COVID-19 lockdown to be a challenge to their faith as churches, mosques and temples were forced to close in order to help slow the spread of sickness.

Jeremiah Foster is a man of the Christian faith, who is serving his calling to the ministry by working on staff at, in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Foster was born and raised in Celina, Ohio before moving to Sevierville, Tennessee at 10 years old. The youngest of five children, there was always a lot of activity in the Foster household.

While in school, he was in the National Beta Club, National Honor Society, played sports and was in school plays. Foster was raised in a Christian home and was an active member in his church. It was not until middle school when he truly began to understand Christianity.

“I was introduced to the gospel from a very young age, but I really came to faith when I was in middle school when I understood what Jesus has done for me," said Foster. "That he died on the cross for my sins and that he rose again from the grave and that I could have a relationship with him.”

Foster completed his undergrad at East Tennessee State University, where a student from The Well gave him a free t-shirt and invited him to Bible study. After attending the Bible study, Foster became more involved with The Well, even getting baptized during one of their services.

He received his undergraduate in physical education. He was originally planning to become a physical education teacher and a track and field coach prior to his involvement with The Well.

“I didn't sense a call to ministry until later in college,” said Foster.

After graduating from ETSU, Foster attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he received his master’s degree in church ministry. After receiving his master’s, Foster returned to ETSU and became a staff member for The Well. He has been on staff with The Well for six years as small group and discipleship coordinator where oversees the freshman ministry.

Through his actions, Foster hopes that by the way he engages in conversations and how he loves people, he can share the hope he has in Christ.


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