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Wednesday: Asheville's shoegaze soul

Updated: Apr 9

Wednesday, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is quickly gaining acclaim as one of the most well-received alternative bands. Over the past few years, Wednesday has posted content on YouTube, gaining over seven thousand subscribers and fans. Wednesday has gained attention domestically and internationally and is expected to go on an international tour in Europe starting in November.

The members of Wednesday include vocalist and songwriter Karly Hartzman, guitarist MJ Lenderman, bass guitarist Margo Shultz, drummer Alan Miller and lap/pedal steel player Xandy Chelmis.

The band explains that their mission is for their songs to be like “a quilt.” They best describe this quilt as “a short story collection, a half-memory, a patchwork of portraits of the American South, disparate moments that somehow make sense as a whole.”

Wednesday’s most streamed song on Spotify is “How Do You Let Love into the Heart That Isn’t Split Wide Open?” with over 1.9 million downloads. The song is instrumental, but the musicians sing one verse near the end of the song. Some of the band’s other songs have made headlines, such as being featured on New Musical Express– a British music, film, gaming and culture brand – in mid-February of this year.

Wednesday has also gained a considerable fan base. Under the band’s tagged posts on Instagram, several fans can be seen covering their songs. Many fans have also been attending their concerts, showing their love and support for them. The band has performed in several sold-out concerts. Their latest tour sold out concerts in Manchester, London and Los Angeles.

The members of Wednesday have expressed their gratitude to fans, and they can be seen interacting with their fans online. Fans comment on the band’s social media, expressing their liking for them, and occasionally, a band member will reply to them. Many fans praise the band for their performances at live shows. Overall, they have gained a reputation for putting on a memorable show, and fans are eager to attend their live sets.


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