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Thank you to our current and former contributors at
Overlooked in Appalachia!

Overlooked in Appalachia Non-Student Administration

Kate Trabalka

Publisher and Advisor

Kate Trabalka is the publisher and advisor to Overlooked in Appalachia. Ms. Trabalka is a journalism lecturer in the Department of Media Communication at East Tennessee State University.

Overlooked in Appalachia Student Team Members

Meet The Team

Marisa is a senior and the editor for Overlooked in Appalachia. She studies Media and Communications with a minor in Journalism. Her biggest passions are writing, movies and discovering new music. Marisa loves Overlooked because it helps her learn, understand and appreciate the beauty of the region that is Appalachia. 

headshot- Jen_edited.jpg

Abigail Wolfenbarger is a senior Media and Communications student at ETSU. She has grown up enjoying the beauty of the East Tennessee mountains, which formed her love for nature, camping and all types of animals. The Appalachian Region also inspires her passion for writing stories and poetry; she looks forward to sharing this interest in her articles for the magazine.


Madison is a Junior pursuing a degree in Media and Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Digital marketing. She is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and she is interested in social media and content creation. She is a returning contributor, and is excited to see what this semester with Overlooked will bring.  

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Jeniffer is a Senior at East Tennessee State University. She is majoring in Media and Communications, minoring in Advertising and Digital Marketing. Jeniffer is excited to be working with the design team this semester for Overlooked in Appalachia. 

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Hello! My name is Margaret Lambert, and I am a senior studying Media and Communications here at ETSU. I have dedicated my major to studying public relations. In the future, I would like to use my skills in the music industry. I am currently a lab student for Overlooked in Appalachia, and most of my involvement is based around social media work.


Treasure moved to Jonesborough at age four and has lived in East Tennessee ever since. She attended David Crockett High School, and now majors in media and communications at ETSU. Treasure minors in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, and hopes to combine her knowledge with her training from the RTVF department for nonprofit and charitable work after graduating this Spring.  

Flannery .jpeg

Gabriella is a second year studying English and journalism. She loves exploring different cultures worldwide, and so far, she has been to eight other countries. On campus, she is a photographer for East Tennesean and a freelance writer/photographer for Slocumb Galleries and Tipton Gallery. She is looking forward to being part of Overlooked Appalachia. 

Hello, my name is Emma Grayce Robinson. I am currently a senior here at ETSU and a Media Communications major. I am in love with working with social media and the analytics with it and I enjoy making tik toks in my free time. One of the joys in my life is going to Disney World with my boyfriend of five years every year. I am so excited to work with Overlooked In Appalachia because they are covering rich history which I love.  

Flannery is a junior Media and Communications major with a double minor in Educational Foundations and Technical and Professional Writing. She is from Western North Carolina, and in her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, watch movies, and check out local businesses. She is excited to contribute to Overlooked for the first time! 

Jillian .png

Jillian is a senior pursuing a major in Media and Communications and a minor in Digital Marketing. She plans to work in advertising and public relations in the future, but in the meantime, focuses on her studies, raising her puppy, and involvement in the Marching Bucs and ETSU Concert Band. She is honored to work with Overlooked in Appalachia this semester! 


Hello, my name is Lakie Derrick, and I am a senior at East Tennessee State University. I am a Media and Communication major and double minor in political science and American Sign Language. I was born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee, and I love that I grew up in the heart of Appalachia. I am a highly active member of the ETSU community, and I look forward to graduating and getting involved in political strategy. In my free time, I enjoy reading, being outside, writing poetry, or talking politics. And–saving the best for last–I am a Christian who is beyond thankful for her relationship with Jesus.  


My name is Nicole Odom and I am a Media and Communications major concentrating in Radio, TV, and Film with a minor in Sociology. I am a Johnson City native, so I have a deep love for Appalachia and its hidden wonders. In my free time, I make jewelry, crochet, and take care of my cats. I am also an activist and have a long-term goal of ending homelessness in our region. I chose Overlooked in Appalachia with the hope that I can help illustrate the many beauties and wonders hidden in these mountains and tell the stories of the people that helped create them.


My name is Rebecca Higgins. I am a Media and Communications major with a minor in Digital Marketing. Some of my hobbies and interests include traveling, photography, writing, sports, fashion and more. I grew up moving from place to place and traveling constantly, giving me the opportunity to engage with new cultures and learn/see many new things. With that being said, I have developed these hobbies and interests creating a passion for photography, writing and traveling which is why I decided to go the Media and Communications route. I chose Overlooked in Appalachia for a media lab job because I have a lot of experience with graphics, writing and social media. Last year I was the director of Social Media and Marketing for my sorority Kappa Delta. Being in that position helped me realize I loved creating content, marketing events/the sorority and more. Overlooked seemed very similar and I wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of the team.

sammy .png

Sammy is a senior at ETSU studying Media and Communication with a minor in Digital Marketing, and serves as Social Media Editor for Overlooked in Appalachia. They are from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and have grown up cultivating a deep appreciation for the Tri-cities/Appalachian region. Sammy is particularly passionate about breaking stereotypes around Appalachia, its culture and people. She gives tours on campus as an Expedition Leader, and enjoys spending her free time checking out local restaurants and businesses, hanging out with their friends, and listening to music.  

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Kris is a Senior at ETSU. A 2018 graduate of Morristown-Hamblen West High School in Morristown, Tennessee, he majors in Media and Communication and has a minor in English. His favorite activities are watching sports and hanging out with friends in his free time. He looks forward to writing feature stories for Overlooked in Appalachia. 


Josh Clark

I'm Josh Clark, a Media and Communications major at ETSU. I'm a senior this year. I was originally from Michigan, but my family moved to Rogersville, Tennessee back in 2008


Connor Lute is a junior studying media and communication with a focus in public relations. He is pursuing four minors: advertising, journalism, technical & professional writing, and digital marketing.  


Connor is the 2023-2024 executive editor for the East Tennessean and began writing for the publication in 2022 as an arts and entertainment reporter. During his time as a reporter, he covered stories ranging from the grand opening of the Martin Center's Broadway Series and a variety of local events. Outside of the East Tennessean, Connor works in ETSU’s Marketing and Communications department. 


After Connor graduates, he plans on beginning his career in public relations and later to pursue a master’s in strategic communications. His career goal is to work corporate communications for a globally-recognized company. 

Former Contributors

                     Spring 2023

Marisa Sardonia

Abby Herndon

Abigail Wolfenbarger

Madison McAlister

Mahayla Waldrop

Jade Owens

Kayliee Young

Jordan Burgess

Jeniffer Lu

Nikki Chambers

Bridget Leary

Jacob Orr

Hannah Peters

Abbey Bentley

                       Fall 2022

Elizabeth Swanson

Olivia Preshong

Caleb Key

Janin Hernandez

Abbey Bentley

Olivia Perry

Jaymee Woodmore

Remi Chartier

Alexandra Daub

Abby Herndon

Isiah Quaintance

Kaitlyn Thomas

Bailey Wynn

Anna Adelfang

Jacob Orr

Joshua Boone

Fall 2020

Casey Keeley

Kayla Hackney

Kate Trabalka

Allison Winters

Spring 2020

Hannah Wallace

Laura Chrisman

Paige Hill

Kirsty McCaughtry

Michaela Platt

                     Fall 2023

Marisa Sardonia

August Crofts

Abigail Wolfenbarger

Gabriella Collins

Jeniffer Lu

Jordan Burgess

Kacy Craddock

                Spring 2022

Elizabeth Swanson

Karaline Baley

Sterling Stone

Maris Rennolds

Will Holcombe

Olivia Preshong

Seth Dunham

Katie Jenkins

Caleb Key

Neyland Kilpatrick

Chandler Bradley

Mia Bertani

Elizabeth "Lily" Edwards

Janin Hernandez

Spring 2021

Casey Keeley

Atlantis Warren

Kayla Hackney

Kate Trabalka

Allison Winters

Hannah Brooks

Alisha Lakhani

                  Fall 2019 

Alex Daugherty

Keriann Lane

Victoria Marion

Rachael Swidan

Morgan Holland

Sarah Judkins

Jamey Vicars

Laura Chrisman

Jeremiah Pearson

Cole Sams

Matt Peace

Carly Tribble

Andrew Diggs

Elizabeth "Lily" Edwards

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Roberts

Paige Hill

Sydney Wright

Kaitlyn Thomas

Lakie Derrick

Leah Smith

Madison McAlister 

Margaret Lambert

Sammy Asbury

Treasure Lee

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