Thank you to our current and former contributors at Overlooked in Appalachia!

Overlooked in Appalachia Non-Student Administration

Dr. Mimi Perreault 

Publisher and Advisor

Dr. Mimi Perreault is the publisher and advisor to Overlooked in Appalachia. Dr. Perreault is an assistant professor in the Department of Media Communication at East Tennessee State University and teaches the journalism capstone, magazine class, and crisis communication. Dr. Perrault's contact information can be found in the "Contact Us" tab.

Sarah Connolly


Sarah Connolly is a first year graduate student from Belfast in Northern Ireland. She entered the Brand and Media Strategy program in January after graduating with her bachelor's degree in Journalism in the fall. Aside from writing, Sarah is a sports enthusiast and loves to travel. She is on the women's soccer team here at ETSU, and supports her beloved Liverpool F.C. in the English Premier League. 

Overlooked in Appalachia Student Team Members

Awaiting the start of the Fall 2022 semester to begin for bios to be posted.

Headshot Pictures of Some of Our Current Contributors for the Spring 2022 Edition!

Former Contributors

Spring 2022

Elizabeth Swanson

Karaline Baley

Sterling Stone

Maris Rennolds

Will Holcombe

Olivia Preshong

Seth Dunham

Katie Jenkins

Caleb Key

Neyland Kilpatrick

Chandler Bradley

Mia Bertani

Elizabeth "Lily" Edwards

Janin Hernandez

Spring 2021

Casey Keeley

Atlantis Warren

Kayla Hackney

Kate Trabalka

Allison Winters

Hannah Brooks

Alisha Lakhani

Spring 2020

Hannah Wallace

Laura Chrisman

Paige Hill

Kirsty McCaughtry

Michaela Platt

Fall 2020

Casey Keeley

Kayla Hackney

Kate Trabalka

Allison Winters

Fall 2019

Alex Daugherty

Keriann Lane

Victoria Marion

Rachael Swidan

Morgan Holland

Sarah Judkins

Jamey Vicars

Laura Chrisman

Jeremiah Pearson

Cole Sams

Matt Peace

Carly Tribble

Andrew Diggs

Elizabeth "Lily" Edwards

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Roberts

Paige Hill

Sydney Wright