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The impact and legacy of the Manhattan Project

Established in 1942, the Manhattan Project left a large impact on Appalachia and surrounding regions. The area saw rapid changes after Oak Ridge, Tennessee was established as a major location for the project.

Due to the uprise of workers traveling to the Oak Ridge plant, the local community faced rapid population growth and economic development. The demand for housing led to the construction of new homes and apartment buildings, transforming the landscape of the once rural communities.

The project also brought in a diverse workforce from all over the nation, introducing new viewpoints and ideas to the area.

However, with the economic benefits came environmental worries. The project's operations contaminated the air, water, and soil, causing long-term threats to the environment and health of the area.

To this day, the legacy of the Manhattan Project continues to impact Appalachian culture serving as a reminder of the technological advances and environmental damages that occurred.


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