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Taiwan On: an innovative addition to Johnson City 

Updated: Apr 4

A new café has opened in north Johnson City, Tennessee, featuring a unique combination never before seen in the local area. 

Photo: Nicole Odom

 Taiwan On Bubble Tea & Sushi Café offers a wide variety of sushi rolls, shareable plates, teas and other beverages like lemonades. Plus, boba and other drink add-ons are only 75 cents!


Preston and Todd Fowler founded Taiwan On in 2023, later joined by Richard Nguru, founder of Yuimaru, another treasured restaurant in Johnson City. Together, they worked to introduce the concepts of bubble tea and quick-serve sushi to the area. 


"People in this area aren’t really aware of bubble tea, because it’s so new," said co-founder Preston Fowler. "We just thought it was a unique concept."


A Johnson City native, Fowler discussed his appreciation for the area upon returning from Chicago. He expressed his excitement to bring more small business to this side of town and share their idea with the community.  

Photos: Nicole Odom

"It’s been something I never anticipated to be involved in, which is kind of funny," said Fowler. "But for the most part, I think the concept is growing on people, and a lot of people are unfamiliar with it, but when they come in and try it, a majority of it has been positive, which is great."


The café provides a variety of dining options to suit everyone’s needs, offering online ordering, a drive-thru, comfortable dine-in seating and event catering.  


Also featured is a “Pay It Forward” board offering free meals to anyone hungry and in need, a heartwarming display of the giving and hospitable nature of Appalachian people.


To give this exciting new combination a try, visit Taiwan On at 414 W Oakland Avenue, or order online from



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