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Final word from the editor

Dear readers,


As the editor of  "Overlooked in Appalachia," I am honored and overjoyed to present another complete edition of our magazine to you for the Spring of 2024. Within these stories lies a testament to the interwoven cultivation of all that encompasses Appalachia. 


Overlooked's mission is to amplify the many voices of the Appalachian people – their love and loss, their struggle and triumph. This honors the many traditions and experiences of the Appalachian people, whether they be ongoing or 100 years old.


It is my honor to present this season’s theme: "Appalachia Unveiled: Community Stories and Hidden Gems." With this, we seek to uncover the untold stories that exist all around us, hidden in the nooks and crannies of these mountains. We aim to serve as a platform for the narratives that represent the authentic culture and customs that Appalachia is based upon.


The core of "Appalachia Unveiled: Community Stories and Hidden Gems" is a tribute to the power of community, bound together by the words of the people. These ‘hidden gems’ refer not just to areas or establishments that are lesser known. It alludes to the people that dedicated themselves to something worth fighting for.


Exploring the intricate details of Appalachian life can and will foster a broad sense of empathy and understanding beyond the current. I invite you to open your heart and mind to the stories that lie within this publication. Finally, I remind you that beyond all differences, the soil beneath and the sky above are of the same domain.


With love and hope,


Marisa Sardonia


Jan 2023 - May 2024


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