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No miracle is too small: the powerful story of Small Miracles

Seeking to change the lives of people with special needs by means of equine assisted services and therapies since 1995, Small Miracles in Church Hill, Tennessee, makes an impact on its community by helping to enhance the physical, social-emotional, cognitive and behavioral growth of these individuals through “God’s grace.” 


“Small Miracles' goal and vision is to meet the pressing relevant needs of our community and surrounding region,” said Sherri Russell, the Executive and Program Director of the nonprofit and a former nurse of 25 years.  

Contributed by Small Miracles

 The nonprofit works tirelessly for the Tri-cities because they are acting as the “hands and feet” of God. Small Miracles envisions enhancing the lives of each person within their organization by empowering them to live up to their fullest potential — whatever that may be — while understanding that they are unconditionally loved and fulfill an integral role in their community.  


When Small Miracles was found by Mary Smith, the community response was overwhelming.

Today, the organization sits on 11 acres, with Appalachia’s rolling hills and mountainous terrain serving as the scenery.

Most importantly, Small Miracles continues to serve its community. Currently, 300 individuals with special needs are a part of the Small Miracles’ family, but the waiting list continues to grow.

The Christian-based nonprofit is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, ensuring that their equine services have proper standards, credentialing and education.  


Contributed by Small Miracles

Small Miracles is made up of a large team working behind the scenes to keep their organization vibrant and helpful.

For Russell, continuing the work of the organization is imperative. Her love of horses came from a childhood being surrounded by them — owning them and showing them.

Her drive to Small Miracles, though, came from a much deeper place than just loving horses. 


“I had a sister – Mia – with Down Syndrome and helped raise her as my mother had a difficult time accepting her as God intended her to be, so I have always been engaged and involved with the special needs population,” said Russell. 


Russell began her work with Small Miracles as a volunteer in 2007, but that experience only fueled her desire to become more knowledgeable and involved.

After becoming PATH Certified and seeking “personal and professional growth,” she reached her new role as Program/Executive Director and the Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Life Coach.  

“Our core program is Therapeutic Horsemanship, for children, youth and adults, either mounted or unmounted; the second program is our Positive Youth Development for children and youth At-Risk, and thirdly our Horses Empower Heroes Program for Military Veterans,” said Russell. 

Small Miracles highlights that every person has value and every horse has a purpose.

For more information about this organization, please visit here. 


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