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Exploring the Appalachian Trail: Carver's Gap

Located on the North Carolina/ Tennessee State Line, Carver’s Gap has become one of the most notorious lookout spots and hiking trails in Northeastern Tennessee. The entire Carver’s Gap trail is roughly a 7-hour adventure, hiking along the low and high points of the Appalachian Trail through Roan Mountain and features over a 2,000 ft elevation gain. With such a large trail area, hikers get to encounter a variety of elevation changes that take a

journey through the peaks and

valleys of the Roan Mountain area.  

Carver’s Gap resides in one of Roan’s largest valleys and has historically been a point of sustenance for the Appalachian area. The Gap is home to the world’s largest naturally occurring Rhododendron Gardens, tagging to the intense and vast biodiversity that flourishes in the rich landscapes of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Historically, the Gap and the Roan Highland Area have remained an essential piece of culture for Appalachia and continue as a staple in the livelihood of those who frequent it.


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