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Tyler Childers' Appalachian roots

Music has the distinct power to connect communities.

For Appalachian native Timmy “Tyler” Childers, this is his life. Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Childers lived a life so familiar to others in this region.

Childers breakout album Purgatory released in 2017, which jumpstarted his career. Within Purgatory, Childers talks about his hometown and how much it means to him. Even in his rise to fame, he has kept close to his roots and consistently shows his love for his home.

Kentucky native Kaleigh Tilley described what this means to her and her community.

“He makes us proud to be Appalachian, and proud to be from Kentucky,” said Tilley.

In July 2022, Kentucky experienced devastating floods that damaged entire communities. Many citizens lost their homes, cars and even their loved ones. During this dark time, local communities banded together to obtain resources to start over and get back on their feet.

This tragic event shook the communities of Eastern Kentucky, and many places are still in recovery. In this time of trouble, the prominent Appalachian native stepped up to give back to his hometown.

“I was working at the donations tent after the floods when I heard a familiar voice,” said Tilley. “My mom was checking his donations in and before I could see who it was, I recognized who it was. Tyler (Childers) came and helped our entire community with donations, repairs and just talking to those who were impacted.”

Known for standing up for others' rights and advocating for those who need a voice, Tyler Childers gives back to his community any opportunity he gets.

Many say that he is the heart and soul of Appalachia, but that is his own story to tell.

“He truly is the embodiment of Appalachian pride and we could not be more grateful for him,” said Tilley.


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