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Groovy Grover's and the savoring of family traditions

In the summer of 2023, Johnson City welcomed a new drive-thru style restaurant focused on healthy eating and locally-sourced food. 

Groovy Grover’s offers menu items such as soup, veggie dips and several customizable options like the build-your-own pita taco.

The restaurant is named after owner Niki Giles’s late grandfather, Grover Cleveland Giles, a former WWII Navy cook who passed down his love of food and cooking to his granddaughter. 

“We always had a great meal. Grew up pretty poor, but we sat down for dinner every single night together. That’s really important to me,” Giles told Overlooked. 

Giles has worked in the food industry for the last twenty years and has learned the values of people over profit. 

“In big corporate restaurants, nobody is cooking food anymore. It’s coming out of a bag, it’s mass production...,” said Giles. “That’s a big part of Groovy’s, serving real food that’s grown as close to here as possible.” 

Everything but the pita bread is made in-house at Groovy Grover’s, so freshness is assured with every order that goes out.

Stop by for fresh food and friendly faces at 426 W Walnut Street any weekday or Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM. 


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