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Appalachian Trail Days: the world's largest celebration of the 'AT'

The annual three-day Appalachian Trail Days festival is held in the beautiful town of Damascus, V.a.

This festival, symbolizes the vibrant spirit of hiker culture. As a reunion and celebration, this festival has tons of activities including a parade, live music, various vendors and more.

Damascus is one of many towns that hikers can merge off to that provides shops, hostels, inns, restaurants and more.

“Tent City” is a popular area during this weekend celebration that allows hikers to camp together providing them with restrooms, firewood, free laundry, showers and coffee.

This town built its future and reputation on outdoor tourism – the community wanted to create a positive community for hikers to stop in and stay awhile with the ability to replenish necessities and come together to connect with other hikers.

Appalachian Trail Conference started Appalachian Trail Days in 1986, stemming from the ATC’s celebration of 50 years of dedicated service to the Appalachian Trail.

Appalachian Trail Days is a powerful symbol of the trail's influence on individuals. It creates a tangible feeling of togetherness among hikers, instilling them with gratitude for the network of support that makes their adventures possible.

To many, the trail is not just about exploration, it is a lifeline filling hikers with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature we are surrounded with. What better way to honor this transformative experience than by coming together in celebration?

For more information on the 2024 Appalachian Trail Days, visit here.


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