Write Your Story in (Blue + Gold = Green)

Sustainable Appalachia Showcase

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April 7-9, 2021 

Climate change and the way we think about it largely depends on our experiences with science, the local of climate change and our ability to take actions based on that knowledge. 

The Write Your Story in (Blue + Gold = Green) Sustainable Appalachia Workshop seeks to provide faculty, staff and students with the tools they need to share their stories of climate concern with a broader public. This series of workshops will focus on providing these groups with resources they can integrate climate knowledge creatively into teaching, student lead research, campus projects and community outreach. 


These three workshops will provide knowledge, connection and application to teachers and leaders seeking to integrate creative discussions about climate change, sustainability and the environment. The goal is to emphasizes the importance of climate knowledge and action at the local and regional level. 

Workshops will be held Fridays, September 11, October 16, and November 6, January 15, February 5 and March 5 from 2-4 p.m. EST. Participants are asked to attend at least 2/3 workshops this semester for eligibility for the Write Your Story in (Blue + Gold = Green) Sustainability Showcase in April, featuring a showcase of course and extracurricular work which focuses on sustainability, climate change, or environmental issues.  The sessions will feature guest speakers, discussion and interactive activities. 

If you are interested in attending a workshop, email Dr. Mimi Perreault, Assistant Professor Media and Communication at perreault@etsu.edu.  You can also register for the showcase here.

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Climate Change Survey

We want your thoughts and stories to be part of the narrative by completing the Climate Knowledge and Stories Survey conducted by Mimi Perreault, Assistant Professor of Media & Communication at East Tennessee State University, and Wesley Wehde, Assistant Professor of Political Science at East Tennessee State University.

These responses will help inform students to create articles and pieces of work for Overlooked now and in the future. Click the link below to complete the survey and also receive more information about it.


Environmental Stories