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News and Events for Overlooked in Appalachia!


Spring 2023 Theme Announcement

Overlooked in Appalachia is proud to announce our theme for next semester is Myths and Mysteries. The Appalachian region is plagued by misinformation, myths, and mysteries, and our team can't wait to dive deeper into this topic. Stay tuned!


Fall 2022 Edition Stories Are Released!

The stories for the Fall 2022 Edition for Overlooked in Appalachia are being released. Thanks to everyone who contributed! We are so excited to publish in-depth stories and several multimedia stories as well, including podcasts! Please stay tuned for our theme for next semester, and don't forget to follow us on social media for updates. 

Spring 2022 Edition Stories Being Released!

The stories for the Spring 2022 Edition for Overlooked in Appalachia are finally being released. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way, and we look forward to hearing feedback for our stories from Spring 2022! Please stay tuned for our theme for next semester! 

Please follow and engage with us on social media!

Transition team meetings for the Fall 2022 Edition beginning

With the Spring 2022 edition coming to an end, and this semester's stories almost ready for release, we are happy to announce that the transition team for the Fall 2022 Edition is beginning to have meetings.

We are looking at ways to have stories released during the summer, and while the quality of these stories may not be as high as those released during the Spring or Fall semester, we would love to provide our readers' with a steady stream of content.

If you have any advice for what the team can do during the summer or have recommendations for the Fall 2022 Edition, please go to the "Contributors" tab and reach out to us to provide feedback. The team is also happy to take feedback over social media!


Spanish Translations and New Stories Available Soon!


With the end of the semester soon approaching, we are proud to announce that our Spanish translations and our new stories for the semester will soon be made available.The team at Overlooked in Appalachia is happy to be able to expand our readers to include the expanding Latino population in Appalachia. We have also greatly enjoyed working on our theme for this semester, "Science in Our Backyard," and we will be announcing our theme for next semester soon. Otherwise, please go the Multimedia Stories/Historias en Espanol tab for our newest stories!


Gold + Blue = Green Spring 2022 Event


Blue+Gold=Green is an event started by ETSU’s Sustainability Department and Overlooked in Appalachia, a student-run magazine reporting in-depth journalism on topics that are often overlooked in our region. This year’s event theme is Science in Our Backyard. We will be focusing on environmentally friendly practices, as well as problems and topics that many people may not realize can relate to them and their daily lives.

Date: April 20th, 2022

Location: East Tennessee State University, Warf Pickel Hall, Room 421

Time: 4:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Also, do not forget that you can support Overlooked in Appalachia through the ETSU Day of Giving by clicking on the "Donate to Overlooked" button. For more information, please follow the instructions listed under the ETSU Day of Giving news event.



April 19-20, 2022: ETSU Day of Giving

On April 19-20, Overlooked in Appalachia will have a presence at the East Tennessee State University Day of Giving Event. As the university description states, this is a fundraising event, and this will go a long way to help support us.

If you would like to donate to Overlooked in Appalachia, please click the "Donate to Overlooked" button on the right side of the newsfeed. If you decide to financially support us, make sure that you list it under the following categories

1. College of Arts and Sciences

2. Other - College of Arts & Sciences

3. Type in Overlooked in Appalachia

Spring 2022 Theme Announcement

Overlooked in Appalachia is happy to announce our theme for Spring, 2022's edition for Overlooked in Appalachia. Our theme this semester is "Science in Our Backyard." Please visit the home page to learn more about what that means to us

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