Sydney Wright hopes to work in broadcast news as a reporter. She enjoys traveling and will be studying abroad in England during the 2020 spring semester. Her Hogwarts house is Gryffindor. 

Jonathan Roberts is a news reporter and photographer with a strong interest in politics, community, data and journalism. After starting his career as a sports blogger, Jonathan became a news reporter for ETSU's student newspaper, The East Tennessean. In April 2018, he joined The Johnson City Press as a general assignment reporter covering town government, entertainment and community events and pursuing enterprise stories. Jonathan is also a full-time student at ETSU pursuing an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications with a concentration in journalism.

Michaela Platt is an ETSU student studying Media and Communications with a focus in journalism. She is minoring in international relations and plans to attend Law school after her graduation in December of 2020. She hopes to practice Civil Rights or Environmental Law. She spends the majority of her free time outdoors as she love to hike and paddle board with her two labradoodles, Maya and Jake. If She is forced to stay indoors she is normally reading anything that is not fiction, unless its Harry Potter, or listening to true crime podcasts. 

Ben Gilliam was born in a small log cabin in the woods, and “felled my first tree at 3 years old.” He wandered out of the woods near ETSU and decided to enroll. Tennessee is known for its Big Foot sightings, and he’d like to apologize for that. Ben is also the Studio Manager for the Media and Communication Department. He is a Media and Communication major with a double concentration in Radio, TV and Film and Journalism, and a minor in international affairs.

Kirsty McCaughtry is an Irish 3rd year journalism student approaching her final two semesters at ETSU. Originally hyper-focused on soccer when she arrived here in 2017, her interests have shifted to more creative endeavors, though sport and exercise will always be a huge part of her life! She loves to travel and has fallen in love with the art of travel videography and vlogging. She hopes to broaden her skills and knowledge within this niche and earn the freedom to have her life revolve around travel and cinematographic storytelling. She also has a deeply rooted passion for equality and is keen to empower other women, those within the lgbtq+ community and people struggling with mental health. Her aim is to break down barriers and stereotypes and eradicate stigma. I am also a vegetarian and would like to further educate myself and others on its benefits with regard to the environment, health and animal welfare. 

Jonathan Walker is currently working towards a Bachelor degree at ETSU. He is a huge film nerd, with horror being his favorite genre. His goal is to work in film or television production when finished with school.‚Äč

Elizabeth “Lily” Edwards is a small-town girl with a BIG personality.  Born in Florida, she was raised by her grandparents in Gray, Tennessee.  Lily has a passion for people and is always wearing a smile.  She fills her free time by reading, listening to music, and dancing like nobody is watching.  In her future, Lily hopes to use her talents to become a voice for those who don’t have one.

Andrew Diggs is from Chattanooga,Tennessee. He is a 4th year student at ETSU. Andrews major is Media and Communications with a concentration  in journalism. He enjoys watching sports, making artwork, and working out. One day he hopes to start his own business where he can converge his art and writing into one platform.

Paige Hill is am a journalism major and a sociology minor. She is also an aspiring media and lifestyle journalist that would enjoy focusing on unheard issues regarding socioeconomic status. Her goal is to move to the West coast after graduating.  She is a part-time barista and enjoys the art behind coffee-making. In her free time, you can find her writing poems, spending time with her cats or in the kitchen baking. 

Gabe Edmunds is a journalism student at ETSU. He hopes to one day write for newspapers, and someday write his own novel. He loves football, playing the saxophone, and wearing denim on denim. If he could live anywhere in the world, he would move to New York City.

Carly Tribble is earning a Bachelor degree in Media and Communication at ETSU. Her plan after graduation is to work for a professional sports team in marketing. She enjoys long boarding, sports and exploring new places. 

Matt Peace is an ETSU senior and aspiring sports journalist. When not working towards building his career, he enjoys spending time with his wife Ashlyn and his loyal puppy Maggie.

Allison Winters is currently a staff writer for the ETSU campus newspaper, the East Tennessean, and hopes to continue working for a print newspaper in the future. She has had an interest in photography since middle school and has had a DSLR camera since freshman year of high school. Originally from Nashville, she likes to spend her free time at Nashville Predators games and hanging out with friends. She hopes to become certified in American Sign Language while attending university. She plans to use those skills to break down language barriers between the Deaf community and the media while serving as a journalist.

Cole Sams is an aspiring sports journalist and broadcaster from Newport, Tennessee. In his previous work experiences, he covered the Johnson City Cardinals and kept track of the players’ stats, positive and negative trends, and overall impact during their 2019 championship season. He also works as an assistant for the BucSports Network, where he films game broadcasts for all of the live sporting events at ETSU. Cole wrote for publications, such as the East Tennesseean, in previous semesters.

Kate Trabalka is a Media and Communications Major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in dance at ETSU. Currently a General-Assignment Reporter for ETSU's student run newspaper, the East Tennessean, she hopes to continue her passion for writing and local news in the future. Having been a dancer for 17 years now, she hopes to somehow incorporate dance into her writing. She is also a lover of film photography and literature.

Jeremiah Pearson is a senior at ETSU studying journalism with a minor in Africana studies. Jeremiah wants to become a radio and television host one day. His main goal is to shed a positive light on the Black community and all the love and pain that makes the culture what it is today.

Laura Chrisman is from a former textile and railroad town called Englewood located in Southeast Tennessee. Although small, Englewood knows how to throw a party with a community festival and square dance in the summer known as June Days. She has always been a bookworm, so it should come as no surprise that she considers herself a a full-time nerd. It is fortunate she loves to read and has an archive of random knowledge since her goal is to become a copy editor.

Jamey Vicars is an aspiring journalist. His ultimate goal in journalism is to be an entertainment journalist. His dream job is to review movies and TV series. Film and TV are his passions. He loves to break down everything he watches, and would like to make a career out of it. He is happy to write more hard news and traditional journalism at first, but entertainment journalism is his end goal.

Sarah Connolly is a junior at ETSU majoring in journalism with a double minor in sport management and general management. She is from Northern Ireland and came to America in 2017 after being offered a full athletic scholarship for soccer. Due to her background in sport, she hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism.   

Hannah Wallace is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a Media and Communication student at ETSU. She loves classic rock and spending time with her friends and family.

Hannah Brooks is from from Elmira, NY. She is a junior at ETSU, majoring in journalism and minoring in Japanese. While at ETSU, she is the treasurer for the gospel choir. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music, watch anime and go for runs. 

Sarah Judkins is an Art major at ETSU. Her main focus in life is photography. She is specifically interested in concert photography, so in her free time she likes to go to shows with her friends and practice her photography. Music is her favorite thing and always helps her get through the day. She has two adorable cats and loves spending time outdoors.

Morgan Holland’s goal is to educate and inform on major issues. She is a journalism major at ETSU, writer enthusiast, and an active citizen. She is a writer for the East Tennessean, podcast editor for Overlooked, and hopes to work for The New York Times one day.

Rachael Swidan is a local to Johnson City who loves all things fashion, family time, and shopping. You can find her with a coffee in hand and a smile on her face. She is a East Tennessee native, and graduated with an AD/PR degree and minor in fashion merchandising.

Victoria Marion is a sophomore at ETSU pursuing a major in journalism. She has two minors, one is in radio-tv-film and the other is in art. She is a passionate photographer and dreams of exploring the world and sharing people’s stories. She has a year-old hound dog that takes up a majority of her time outside of school and work.

Keriann Lane is a Johnson City-based editor who loves running, reading and politics. She is passionate about nature and loves Great Smokies! A Maryland native, she graduated from ETSU with a degree in journalism.

Alex Daugherty enjoys all types of media, music, television and movies. He also enjoys reading and writing. Alex is a graduate student in the Brand & Media Strategy Program at ETSU.  He is from Jacksboro, Tennessee. 

This project was born out of a desire to cover the issues that face our community and region, specifically the Appalachian Highlands, The Blue Ridge Mountains, and Greater Appalachia.

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