Michaela Platt is an ETSU student studying Media and Communications with a focus in journalism. She is minoring in international relations and plans to attend Law school after her graduation in December of 2020. She hopes to practice Civil Rights or Environmental Law. She spends the majority of her free time outdoors as she love to hike and paddle board with her two labradoodles, Maya and Jake. If She is forced to stay indoors she is normally reading anything that is not fiction, unless its Harry Potter, or listening to true crime podcasts. 

Allison Winters is currently a staff writer for the ETSU campus newspaper, the East Tennessean, and hopes to continue working for a print newspaper in the future. She has had an interest in photography since middle school and has had a DSLR camera since freshman year of high school. Originally from Nashville, she likes to spend her free time at Nashville Predators games and hanging out with friends. She hopes to become certified in American Sign Language while attending university. She plans to use those skills to break down language barriers between the Deaf community and the media while serving as a journalist.

Kate Trabalka is a Media and Communications Major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in dance at ETSU. Currently a General-Assignment Reporter for ETSU's student run newspaper, the East Tennessean, she hopes to continue her passion for writing and local news in the future. Having been a dancer for 17 years now, she hopes to somehow incorporate dance into her writing. She is also a lover of film photography and literature.

Gabriel Edmunds is a senior journalism major and english minor at ETSU. He plans to marry the love of his life in 2021 and start his career as a reporter for print media. He hopes to one day write a novel as well as move to a more urban area, like New York, to write for newspapers. 

Kirsty McCaughtry is a journalism major and psychology minor at ETSU. She is currently a General Assignment Reporter for ETSU's East Tennessean newspaper and hopes to travel after college and continue her passion for writing. 

Former Contributors

 Sydney Wright (Fall 2019)

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This project was born out of a desire to cover the issues that face our community and region, specifically the Appalachian Highlands, The Blue Ridge Mountains, and Greater Appalachia.